TIMESHARE TRUSTEE™ provides non-judicial foreclosure services to the timeshare industry throughout the state of Florida. The non-judicial process can be used to foreclose Association assessment liens and to foreclose mortgages held by anyone (any developer, any lender). We represent an ever-growing number of timeshare resorts providing services as quickly as permitted by law and with the utmost courtesy and professionalism. A proposal for cost and fees is provided prior to all non-judicial foreclosure processes, so you’ll know where you stand from the outset. We assist you with the process from beginning to end and ensure full compliance with applicable law. We also work through individual obligor issues and estate issues. Although a trustee’s deed is, by statute, a quit claim deed, by virtue of our searches and our affiliated experienced real estate attorneys we nearly always deliver good title or advise that good title will not be obtainable and judicial action will be required. As a further assurance, we can offer title insurance through Assured Title Solutions, LLC our affiliated title insurance company.

The non-judicial process is much faster than the conventional, judicial foreclosure process. Generally, the non-judicial process can be completed in a seven month time frame. Judicial foreclosures generally take much longer. The non-judicial process is also much more cost-effective especially where large groups of unit weeks can be foreclosed at once. For example, in Florida, the judicial process is limited to 15 unit weeks per foreclosure but there is no such limitation for non-judicial foreclosures.